Dedicated Contract Fleet & Drivers

Dedicated contract fleet and drivers

Making the decision to outsource your private fleet and / or change your model from a common carrier base into an outsourced dedicated program can initially seem daunting and could raise concerns over control and costs. However, when outsourcing to Roadies who are experts in the field of providing dedicated contract carriage solutions, all concerns of control, budget, driver productivity, insurance and the daily responsibilities of fleet requirements would be eliminated.

When outsourcing to Roadies, it’s very common for companies to immediately achieve productivity enhancements, gain greater levels of control and also benefit from budgetary efficiencies.


Prior to launching a dedicated fleet program, Roadies works in collaboration with each customer to ensure that all KPI’s and SOP’s are unique to your specifications. Roadies also designs reporting metrics that are tailored to your business requirements.

By outsourcing to Roadies you still have all the advantages and control of a private fleet, however with several added value benefits.

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