Shunt Truck Rentals

What is shunting?

Large corporation or railways require movement of trailers in and around a yard/site to sort them as per requirement. Shunting also includes transfer of trailers from one site or facility to another. The distance between 2 sites is generally short and takes few hours to cover. Operating a shunt truck requires a lot of experience and patience. Corporations prefer Shunt Truck Rental over managing a fleet because it offers them flexibility to select from a fleet of shunt trucks as well as freeing them from inconvenience of maintaining the trucks and trucking permits.

Shunt Truck Rentals

Why Roadies Shunt Truck Rentals?

Roadies Shunt Services is engaged in shunting since the year 2002. An experience of nearly 2 decade helps us in understanding our customers requirements and offering them a solution that suits them best. Our reliable trucks, experienced drivers and duly maintained fleet provides better value for money to our customers.
Advantages of Roadies Shunt Truck Rental Services:

  • Well maintained shunt/yard trucks for rent in and around Ontario, Canada.
  • Available with or without driver
  • Option for short-term and long-term rental
  • Option for long-term lease of shunt trucks
  • Highly reliable and well-maintained fleet thus offering the lowest operating and maintenance costs in the industry
  • Truck rental reduces/eliminates the maintenance cost
  • Flexible shunt rental/leasing plans – Contact us to know more!
  • Rentals can be converted into long term leases
  • Eliminate administrative issues and costs (ie. payroll administration and tax benefits, WSIB, staffing issues, employee allocation, overtime, etc.)

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, renting a truck with driver saves a lot of money and resources. As a business owner, our customers save on employee administrative expenses like payroll, tax, benefits, WSIB etc. It also eliminates the need for long term commitments thus further increasing the profits.

Get in touch with Roadies Shunt Services to know more about Shunt Truck Rental Services and how we can help you.

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