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Dedicated Shunting

Here at Roadies Logistics, we’re proud to be Canada’s leader in providing asset-based shunting and driver services, from a single truck to complex yard turnover projects. Through competitive pricing, world-class customer service, and a trusted team of logistics professionals who understand your needs, making the choice to work with Roadies Logistics is easy.

Outsourcing Your Shunting

Outsourcing your shunting with Roadies Logistics means more than simply passing on your processes to another team – it means that you receive a world of value-added benefits that make it a no-brainer.

  • Competitive Pricing

  • New & Current Fleet of Modernized Shunt Trucks

  • Expert Drivers With Proven Shunt Experience

  • Mitigate Risk of Yard Damage

  • Increase Driver Productivity

  • Easily Integrate Supplementary Drivers & Equipment When Necessary

  • JIT Into Assembly Plant Shuttle Expertise

Shunt Truck Rentals

In addition to outsourced shunting services, we also offer shunt truck rentals. Our brand-new fleet is equipped with all of the latest technologies to make shunting simple in your yard. To learn more about our shunt truck rentals, contact us today and speak with a member of our team regarding specific pricing information.

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Get In Touch With Us

Do you have a question about Roadies Logistics? Want to learn more about our services? Get in touch with us today and speak with a member of our team directly. Fill out the provided form down below or give us a call. We’d be more than happy to provide you with more information and show you exactly how we can help your business and increase your productivity.

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