Yard Management System

Yard Management and Mapping System

Roadies has partnered with 8B Solutions Inc. to develop a Yard Management System. Designed by logistics professionals and from consulting with our customers, our proprietary shunt platform is robust and will provide live visibility to all activity in your yard or yards.


Improved visibility


Better operational management


Reportability matrices

More and more organisations are switching towards yard management software because of how efficient it is and how it makes handling the warehouse business significantly smoother

Gate Management

Allows the ability to tag and identify trucks and trailers entering the yard

Yard Management

Gives the ability to visualize assets within the yard or multiple yards

Dock Management

Gives the ability to identify and manage trailers on the dock

Trailer/Shunt Management

Allows for the movement and management of trailers and shunt trucks within the yard

Key Features of Roadies Shunt Technology Platform:

Interactive yard mapping

Gate management tool

Live location timestamps of every trailer

Dwell, door utilization and demurrage reports

Numerous KPI reporting tools

System can be modified to meet the unique and specific demands of each customer